Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Red Ink in the Classroom :: Environmental Art

Here's a project I'm working on with artist Wendy Testu for Red Ink Studios's Red Ink in the Classroom program for this upcoming school year.

It's temporarily called

Figure 1. kids can see through the wall


Figure 2. toilet paper roll wall

But really, for now it's called Red Ink in the Classroom :: Environmental Art, and it's aimed towards the elementary school set.

At each school Red Ink Studios's artists visit around the Bay Area, the students will collect their toilet paper and paper towel rolls at home and at school. After a month or two, the collection will then be assembled into a wall (Fig. 2). And kids can see through the wall, ha! For the most. Other assorted recyclables will be stuffed in a lot of the holes, e.g., sandwich bags, aluminum foil, grocery bags, cell phones. The whole installation is temporal since eventually the entire thing will be recycled. We're also noodling the idea of setting up each of the walls to form a maze during an Earth Day, Week, or Month event. The presentation of all the recycling walls may coincide with an electronic waste recycling event coordinated with Universal Waste Management. Start collecting electronics you'd like to toss at our event early spring next year.


At 8/02/2006 01:18:00 PM, Blogger Louisa The Last said...

Hi, got your blog link from John K's site...Turbo is adorable. I have two baby Red Eared Sliders, personally, among a bunch of other different reptiles and mammals.

I really like the idea of the look through-able wall. It sounds like something kids could have a lot of fun with. Are the rolls themselves going to be decorated at all, or left as plain brown cardboard?


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