Monday, July 31, 2006

Thank You Thank You Joy Joy

Loot from the first night's showing at the Castro Theatre.
More booty ...

First ever drawing dedicated to a tortoise.

Mad props and a million thanks to John K.
If you missed the dude, an idea is being thrown around for him to host a Three Stooges Festival at the Castro.

John K Saved San Francisco

Sweet and utter serendipity this past Friday as my ragazzo and I passed by the Castro Theatre and saw John K on the marquee and thought ... John K ... ?K? ... K ... Kricfalusi! In the flesh.
I only have my friend's in-utero-twins to thank for misbehaving (a visit to the hospital) and giving cause for a trip into the bowels of John K and SF.
Stay tuned for my autographed pictures of Croco Stimpy and Soft Shelled Stimpy.
#Thank you sooo much JohnK#

Max and Turbo

Turbo is sloppily affectionate.

Max is fastidious.